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First victory! Skyco Leasing emergency rescue helicopter successfully completed the forest fire rescue mission in Chaling County, Zhuzhou, Hunan Province
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  • 2022.09.19
A forest fire broke out in Chaling County, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, on September 19. At the request of Hunan Provincial Emergency Department, Guangdong Provincial Emergency Department urgently ordered an emergency rescue helicopter from Skyco Leasing and dispatched it to Chaling County to carry out fire fighting and rescue work.

In accordance with the unified deployment and deployment of the Guangdong Provincial Emergency Rescue Aviation Command and Dispatch Center, the helicopter preparation crew responded quickly and assembled quickly, and rushed to the scene of the fire on the morning of September 20 to carry out firefighting operations. During this period, our company's emergency rescue helicopter sent out a total of 8 sorties, with a total firefighting flight time of about 12 hours, and dropped 73 barrels of water, about 360 tons. It strongly supported the ground rescue team in cleaning up the fire site, and fully demonstrated its air operation performance advantages of long range, heavy load and accurate water spraying. By September 22, the fire had been effectively controlled by all parties, and the emergency rescue helicopter of our company had successfully returned to Guangdong after completing the assigned task of lifting and extinguishing.

The Emergency Response Department of Hunan Province fully recognized the excellent performance of Skyco Leasing's emergency rescue helicopter in the fire fighting and rescue mission, and expressed its sincere gratitude to Skyco Leasing for its strong support, and expressed that Skyco Leasing's advanced experience in supporting the construction of an emergency rescue system in Guangdong Province is very useful for Hunan. Looking forward to further interaction with Skyco Leasing on helicopter procurement and operation in the future.

In this firefighting support task, Skyco Leasing attaches great importance to and actively cooperates with the rescue work under the national " One Game of Chess " emergency response mechanism and the emergency rescue work deployment in Guangdong and Hunan, earnestly fulfilling its social responsibility and shouldering the responsibility of the state-owned enterprise. After receiving the requisition notice, the emergency rescue helicopter completed all the preparatory work in less than one day and went to the front line for cross-province rescue. The "Guangdong model" of emergency rescue system construction has been verified by practice, featuring strong operability, high flexibility and fast response speed. Next, Skyco Leasing will continue to play a leading role in the demonstration of the province's only aviation technology platform, accelerate the procurement of helicopters, continue to improve the level of operation and service, and fully support the construction of aviation emergency rescue systems in the province.
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