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Skyco Leasing successfully delivered 2 aircraft to Shenzhen Airlines
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  • 2021.08.06

Skyco International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. (Skyco Leasing) has recently successfully completed the purchase of an aircraft portfolio deal with attached operating lease to Shenzhen Airlines. 

This is Skyco Leasing’s first transaction since July 2018 and also the first aircraft leasing transaction completed after fresh capital injection from Guangdong Hengjian Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. This is Skyco Leasing’s first domestic aircraft portfolio transaction and signifies a revival of Skyco Leasing.

With the completion of this deal, Skyco Leasing’s fleet has increased to 27, with an aggregate asset value of more than RMB 12.2 billion. Skyco Leasing holds a geographically diverse portfolio with airline customers located in China, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions. Skyco Leasing has an established long-term strategic and cooperative partnerships with various mainstream airlines in the world.
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