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Skyco Leasing successfully delivered its first helicopters and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Southern Airlines General Aviation
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  • 2022.09.09
The delivery ceremony of an emergency rescue helicopter from Guangdong Province is held at Jiuzhou Airport in Zhuhai, September 9, 2022. After nearly a year of unremitting efforts and full preparation, Skyco Leasing has overcome various objective adverse effects and successfully completed the arduous task of purchasing and transporting emergency rescue helicopters to Guangdong, and officially delivered the first batch of helicopters to the provincial emergency department and the provincial public security department.

At the delivery ceremony, Skyco Leasing also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Southern Airlines General Aviation. The acting president of Skyco Leasing Su Minghui and the general manager of China Southern Airlines General Aviation Hu Yueqiu signed the agreement on behalf of both sides. Tang Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Hengjian Holding , relevant leaders of the company, Zhang Zhengrong, Vice president of China Southern Airlines Group, Zhang Lin, chief economist, Zhou Xiaoyang, chairman of Skyco Leasing, Li Erbao, chairman of China Southern Airlines General Aviation and other leaders attended the ceremony and witnessed the signing.

Tang Jun pointed out in his speech that Hengjian Holding firmly implemented the decision and deployment of the provincial government on the procurement of official helicopters in our province, guided and promoted Skyco Leasing to carry out the procurement work, successfully completed the procurement and delivery of the first batch of helicopters, and achieved positive results in supporting the construction of the provincial emergency rescue system. Tang Jun said that Hengjian Holding will strongly support Skyco Leasing to give full play to the demonstration role of the province's only aviation industry technology platform, and purchase a number of helicopters with excellent performance and wide use, to meet the needs of the provincial government to carry out air police duty and emergency rescue work, and help improve the province's aviation rescue and social management capabilities. And further deepen cooperation with China Southern Airlines General Aviation in emergency rescue aviation services, general aviation business development and other aspects, to contribute to the construction of emergency rescue systems and the high-quality development of the aviation industry in Guangdong Province.

Next, Skyco Leasing will take the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement as an opportunity, adhere to the principle of "complementary advantages, resource sharing, collaborative development and win-win cooperation", further deepen cooperation with China Southern Airlines General Aviation in aircraft leasing, operation maintenance and emergency rescue flight service, and actively promote the "Guangdong model" of emergency rescue aviation service to the whole country, to facilitate the innovative development of both sides.
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